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23 October 2009 @ 10:59 am
We must unite, so we can fight- turn the battle around!  

So it is officially half term (for those who go to my school, at least). I LOVE INSET DAYS :D

I've been watching AVPM constantly for the past five hours. My friend decided, eventually, to watch it and consequently succeeded in rekindling my love for Quirrelmort ("We're quite a cookie couple, you'll agree").
I tried to make Sarah watch it this morning while we were on the phone. She watched three parts and all the while kept making pedantic comments such as: "Ugh, I hate how it's been done by Americans", "Is Snape a woman? No? Well that's just disturbing." and, the most obvious, "Um, Cho Chang does not look like that." O rly?
I know I needn't worry. She'll see the light soon enough.

: Granger Danger- AVPM